The Great Pottery Throw Down

The Great Pottery Throw Down

After a very successful first season, the Great Pottery Throw Down returns with 10 new candidates. The show was first shown on the BBC in November 2016.

For the new series hosted by Sara Cox, the candidates are accompanied by master-potter Brymer Jones and ceramic-artist Kate Malone. The creative and passionate potters have to prove their skills in different areas. In each series, the candidates are given three exciting to test their abilities and skills as potters.

In the first episode of the new series, the potters try to convince ceramic designer and special guest judge Emma Bridgewater with a sixteen-piece dinner set of their own design. The episode’s best ceramist will be awarded the title Top Potter; one candidate must leave the show each week.

Although the competition is the heart of the series, it also conveys pottery expertise, history and information about its importance and popularity.

All episodes are shown on BBC Two and YouTube.

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