Pottery Wheel HMT 600
Pottery Wheel HMT 600
The HMT 600 has been designed for everyday use in potters’ workshops. The high-performance ROHDE machine combines modern control and drive technology with excellent ergonomics that can be integrated into any individual workshop routine....
From €1,590.00 *
Solid floor stand
Banding Wheels for Standing Operation
ROHDE Banding Wheels for Standing Operation are all-purpose tools for professional use in ceramic workshops and are available for the first time on the European market. The banding wheels can be adjusted in height and are very heavy,...
From €179.00 *
Tonschneider TS 20
The ROHDE Pugmill TS 20 stands for robust, durable construction and excellent performance. The machine is highly suitable for kneading of ceramic bodies prior to further processing, mixing of different bodies and preparation of waste...
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Setting Tank AB 100
Sedimentation Basin
The ROHDE Sedimentation Basin AB 100 is the ideal support for environmental awareness in the ceramic workshop. Glazes, clays and engobes are effectively collected and removed from the wastewater before they reach the sewage system. This...
€370.00 *
spray booth SK 66
Spray Booth
The ROHDE Spray Booth SK 66 has been specially designed for applications in the ceramic manufacturing process. It prevents fi ne glaze and colour particles from escaping into the air and guarantees dust-free and safe working in the...
€1,800.00 *
Ränderscheibe RSN
Banding Wheels
ROHDE Banding Wheels are professional appliances that are extremely versatile in the ceramic manufacturing process. They are characterised by a particularly high quality standard and allow the flexibility that is required for the precise...
From €68.00 *
Large handwheel for even feed
Slab Roller
The ROHDE Slab Roller PW 600 is a very robust and high-quality machine for rolling plastic ceramic bodies and is extremely easy and safe to handle. The PW 600 frame construction is made of strong, high-quality welded square tubes that...
€1,670.00 *