Toploaders Ecotop series

NEW: The economic round one.

Quality, efficiency and performance in series.
The sustainable and innovative kiln.

Volume: 20 to 145 liters
Features: High energy efficiency
Tmax: 1300-1320°C
Tapp: 1260-1290°C

Toploaders TE-MCC+ series

The versatile all-rounder.

Can be extended and is ideally suitable for versatile fields of application such as glass work or stoneware.

Volume: 75 to 300 liters
Features: Lid heating (optional), extendable
Tmax: 1280°C
Tapp: 1240°C

Toploaders TE-S series

The ultimate professional.

High-quality toploader for everyday use in professional ceramic workshops.

Volume: 80 to 300 liters
Features: Floor heating, extendable
Tmax: 1320°C
Tapp: 1290°C

Toploaders TE-Q series

The square alternative.

Robust square design with 4-side heating.

Volume: 10 to 110 liters
Features: Robust steel construction
Tmax: 1280-1320°C
Tapp: 1240-1290°C

Toploaders BT series

The rectangular space saver.

The alternative that offers an excellent overview and unlimited space.

Volume: 300 to 500 liters
Features: Robust steel construction, heating elements recessed into grooved bricks
Tmax: 1320°C
Tapp: 1240°C