ROHDE at the Pottery Market in Oldenburg

At this year's International Ceramics Market in Oldenburg on 3 and 4 Aug 2019, 125 selected ceramists from Germany, various other European countries and even overseas exhibited their works. As usual, the annual market took place on the Schlossplatz in front of the lovely Schloss Oldenburg and attracted many visitors from near and far.

The artistically very high-quality market offered a lot of original articles and ones not for everyday use, individual items for house and garden, as well as one-off vessels and true ceramic-art works.
We participated for the third time to present and demonstrate ROHDE products to interested parties together with our specialist dealer in this region, Mr Uciechowski from Bremen. Of course, there was also lively exchange with other exhibitors, some of whom are already ROHDE customers or would like to purchase a new kiln in the near future.

The special exhibition by Si-Sook Kang, last year's winner of the "New Ceramics" award was also worth seeing.