Gas Seminar in Höhr-Grenzhausen

From 8-10 March, the Grenzhausen Ceramic Group organized the practical seminar "Firing in a gas kiln", which was carried out by ROHDE service manager Jan Stoltmann and executive director Benjamin Rohde.

The seminar was divided into several subject blocks and provided theoretical content on the technology of gas kilns and burners, as well as practical content for firing control, reduction control and furniture materials. After glazing the pieces brought along, the TG 220 gas-fired kiln was charged by the participants who then monitored the firing until late in the evening. After the reduction and a crash cooling, the kiln was then allowed to cool overnight. The next day was used to empty the kiln, during which the superb results were discussed with the participants.

Many thanks to the participants and to the Grenzhausen Ceramic Group for the great organisation.