Preview: ME 10/13 Preview: ME 10/13 Preview: Metal annealing and hardening kiln inner space Preview: Metal annealing and hardening kiln door

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ME 10/13
ME 10/13
 Metal annealing and hardening kiln inner space
Metal annealing and hardening kiln door

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Chamber Furnace ME 10/13

  • Volume 8 litres
  • Int. dimensions (w x d x h) 250 x 250 x 120 mm
  • Power 2.5 kW

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The ROHDE ME 10/13 Annealing and Hardening Furnace from the ME series has a volume of 10 litres...

The ROHDE ME 10/13 Annealing and Hardening Furnace from the ME series has a volume of 10 litres and is suitable for temperatures up to 1300°C.

The reliable all-rounder for heat treatment of metals has been designed for many years of use in tough production and workshop operations.

The torsion-resistant steel construction, high-quality insulation material and particularly durable firebricks in the door area meet the highest requirements for quality and reliability. The parallel swing door reduces heat radiation and allows easy and safe operation.

3-side heating with heating elements mounted on support rods provides even distribution of temperature. KANTHAL heating elements have been calculated with minimal surface load to minimise wear and to ensure a long service life.

  • 3-side heating
  • Heating elements on support rods
  • 2-layer insulation structure
  • Solid construction, entirely in-frame ventilated


Product group
Chamber Furnace
ME series


Energy type
2.5 kW
13 A
1/N/PE 230V AC
Schuko connector


8 litres
Int. dimensions (w x d x h)
250 x 250 x 120 mm
Ext. dimensions (W x D x H)
500 x 600 x 700 mm
69 kg


Heating elements
Support rods
TC 504

Torsion-resistant riveted steel housing

The housing consists of a torsion-resistant rivet construction. Each furnace is manufactured by hand and leaves the factory after undergoing extensive quality controls.

Corrosion protection due to stainless steel in-frame ventilation

The fully in-frame ventilated steel construction contributes to low external temperatures and combined with stainless steel components provides effective protection against corrosion.

Durable textured paint finish

The high-quality light-grey RAL 7035 textured coating protects the furnace body and steel construction.

Robust parallel swing door allows for safe opening

The convenient operation of the (downwards opening) parallel swing door allows for easy opening. The solid hinge and spring support ensure smooth operating procedures even when opening the hot furnace while the process is running.

Flexible door sealing allows for thorough door closing

A flexible insulating cord ensures a seal between the door and the furnace opening. Minor unevenness can be corrected and the door can be closed flush with the furnace.

Stainless steel door frame protects against the effects of heat

The door frame is reinforced with stainless steel sheets and protects the construction against the effects of heat.

Efficient 2-layer insulation structure

A sophisticated 2-layer insulation structure allows for required temperatures to be achieved using less energy. High energy efficiency can be achieved even in continuous use.

First-class useful volume

All insulating materials are processed precisely and carefully. Lightweight firebricks in the firing chamber are characterised by a high insulation value and good thermal shock resistance.

Covered heating elements on the floor

A high-quality SiC plate protects heating elements mounted on the floor. The SiC plate guarantees good heat transfer and at the same time protects the heating elements from damage.

Unique system prevents particles falling onto the products

ROHDE uses a unique concept of mortar-free lightweight firebricks combined with R-SiC ceiling supports preventing cracks and particles falling onto the products.

Easy-to-maintain switchgear mounted at the back of the furnace

The switchgear is mounted at the back of the furnace and can be easily maintained and accessed.

Integrated safety due to door contact switch

A door contact switch automatically isolates the heating elements from the power supply when the kiln opens. The integrated overtemperature protection prevents damage to electrical components.

Low-wear solid-state relays for control

The furnace is controlled by low-wear, silent solid-state relays with external cooling elements.

3-side heating allows for good heat distribution

All-around heating (on the side walls) combined with floor heating results in very good heat distribution throughout the firing chamber.

Durable heating elements made of “Kanthal A1”

We are committed to minimal surface load and precise manufacture when dimensioning “Kanthal A1” heating elements, so a long service life is guaranteed.

Heating elements securely mounted on support rods

Heating elements are mounted in protected position on Sillimantin support rods and achieve ideal heat radiation and facilitate easy replacement of heating elements.

Heating elements can be easily accessed and serviced

An easy-to-access detachable cover for heating element connections allows the effortless replacement of heating elements.

Precise temperature measurement with the “Type S” thermocouple

The installed PtRhPt thermocouple (type S) is protected against damage and guarantees exact temperature measurement at all times.

The “Schuko” connector allows for easy connection

The standardised Schuko connector allows for easy connection and quick and safe start-up.

Components from well-known manufacturers contribute to long service life

We only obtain our electric components from well-known manufacturers (e.g. SIEMENS, MOELLER, WEIDMÜLLER, RITTAL).

Furnace construction in accordance with DIN EN 746-1

The unit is constructed and manufactured in accordance with DIN EN 746-1 Industrial Thermoprocessing Equipment.

Switchgear design in accordance with DIN EN 60519

The switchgear is designed in accordance with DIN EN 60519 Safety in Installations for Electroheating.

2-year warranty despite intense use

We deliberately refuse to reduce the warranty period despite commercial furnaces being used intensely except parts that are subject to wear.

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