Toploader TE 80 S / TE 84 S

  • Volume 80 litres
  • Int. dimensions (w x d x h) Ø450 x 460 mm
  • Power 6 kW


Anschlussleistung TE 80 S / TE 84 S:

TE 80/84


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Delivery time 15 weeks

The TE 80 S (and TE 84 S) Toploader has a volume of 80 litres and is a kiln from the TE-S series...

The TE 80 S (and TE 84 S) Toploader has a volume of 80 litres and is a kiln from the TE-S series suitable for temperatures to 1320°C.

ROHDE Toploaders from the TE-S series are high-quality kilns for everyday use in professional ceramic workshops. The kilns in this series have been continually developed by ROHDE over the last three decades. Toploaders from the TE-S series guarantee state-of-the-art technology and are characterised by outstanding durability.

Many ceramic workshops appreciate the flexibility and extendability of some models and use this feature to increase the economic efficiency of their firing capacities to obtain the best possible results. Besides an extensive range of technical features and high-quality workmanship, ROHDE Toploaders from the TE-S series offer particular technical features, such as:

Extendability (only TE 80 S)

The kiln volume of four models from the ROHDE Toploader TE-S series can be increased up to 50% by simply fitting in a heatable additional extension ring (ZWR).

TE   80 S to 100 litres volume
TE   95 S to 145 litres volume
TE 130 S to 200 litres volume
TE 165 S to 250 litres volume

Floor heating

All models of the TE-S series, except the TE 80 S and the TE 100 S, are equipped with a standard heatable kiln floor. The additional heating provides an even temperature distribution in particular in the lower and middle temperature ranges.

Special models with low connected load

The TE 84 S, TE 98 S, TE 134 S and TE 168 S models are slightly different from the other models
in the TE-S series. Technically, these four models are based on the smaller basic models with 80, 95,
130 and 165 litres. Their design features such as the dimensions, the insulation structure, the floor heating or the cover construction are identical.

In contrast to the basic models, however, these models cannot be subsequently expanded with an
extension ring. This allows an even distribution of the connected load since no power has to be kept free for a later extension ring. The entire output of the kiln can, therefore, be evenly distributed over three phases. This permits up to 15 % lower connected load – compared to the basic TE-S series model.

The TE 84 S, TE 98 S, TE 134 S and TE 168 S models are just as powerful as the basic models and
can be used at the same application and maximum temperatures.


Product group
TE-S series


Energy type
6 kW
13 A
CEE 16 A


80 litres
Int. dimensions (w x d x h)
Ø450 x 460 mm
Ext. dimensions (W x D x H)
790 x 800 x 780 mm
99 kg


Heating elements
Recessed into bricks
TC 304

Long-term application temperature Tapp 1290°C

The kiln is designed for long-term and continuous use at temperatures up to 1290°C which makes it suitable for applications such as bisque, earthenware, onglaze and stoneware firing as well as high-temperature stoneware, soft paste porcelain firings. These applications correspond to Seger Cone 8 or Orton Cone 9.


The kiln volume of this toploader TE series can be increased by up to 50% by simply fitting or even retrofitting an additional heatable extension ring (ZWR). Mount the ring, connect the kiln to the mains supply and continue working with 50% more firing capacity.

Gas pressure spring-supported opening mechanism for the lid

The sturdy lid construction is supported by gas pressure springs that allow easy, effortless and safe opening of the lid.

Reversible kiln stand, handy and practical

The kiln stand can be turned upside-down. This allows the kiln to be used at two different working heights. The toploader can be adjusted to your individual needs and makes loading and unloading of the firing chamber much easier on the back.

Integrated safety due to safety switch

A door contact switch automatically isolates the heating elements from the power supply when the kiln opens. The integrated overtemperature protection prevents damage to electrical components.

High-quality heating elements

With the heating elements made from "Kanthal A1" we attach great importance to a low surface load and a careful production. The heating elements are reliable and durable thanks to a sufficient reserve capacity in the calculation.


The kiln can be disassembled easily into several parts for on-site delivery. The toploader’s design allows its individual parts to fit through doors with a width of 55 cm.

3-year warranty

We produce each kiln by hand and keep to strict quality guidelines. Therefore, we offer a voluntary 36-months warranty to extend legal warranty regulations.

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