Frontloader KE 200 N

  • Volume 200 litres
  • Int. dimensions (w x d x h) 460 x 640 x 680 mm
  • Power 11 kW
  • Tapp

RRP excl. VAT incl. controller ST 310
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Delivery time 3-5 weeks

The KE 200 N Frontloader has a volume of 200 litres and is a kiln from the KE-N series suitable...

The KE 200 N Frontloader has a volume of 200 litres and is a kiln from the KE-N series suitable for temperatures to 1300°C.

ROHDE Frontloaders from the KE-N series comprise six models with kiln volumes between 100 and 480 litres. The heating elements are recessed into grooved firebricks on all five wall sides.

The KE-N series has been designed for use in workshops and schools. The heating elements in this series have been recessed into grooved bricks. This results in a variety of advantages. The heating elements are protected while the kiln is being charged, power output is constant and heat is evenly distributed throughout the firing chamber, providing the best possible results.

Special features of the KE-N series:

  • 5-side heating resulting in even heat distribution
  • Heating elements recessed into grooved bricks
  • Stainless steel in-frame ventilation resulting in low external temperatures and corrosion protection
  • 3-layer insulation structure
  • “System ROHDE” R-SiC ceiling support prevents cracks and particles falling from the ceiling onto the ware


Product group
KE-N series


Energy type
11 kW
16 A
3/N/PE 400V AC
CEE 16 A


200 litres
Int. dimensions (w x d x h)
460 x 640 x 680 mm
Ext. dimensions (W x D x H)
800 x 1210 x 1780 mm
415 kg


Heating elements
Recessed into bricks
ST 310

Long-term application temperature Tapp 1240°C

The kiln is designed for long-term and continuous use at temperatures up to 1240°C which makes it suitable for applications such as bisque, earthenware, onglaze and stoneware firings. These applications correspond to Seger Cone 6a or Orton Cone 6.

Cognitive Connectivity with the ROHDE myKiln App

This kiln can be connected to the ROHDE myKiln app using the included controller and enjoy all the advantages of the "digital firing program".

Power supply through a "CEE 16 A 5-Pol." plug connection

The standardised CEE 16 A connector allows for easy connection and quick and start-up. With this plug connection, furnaces with an output of up to 11 kW can be operated.

High-quality heating elements

With the heating elements made from "Kanthal A1" we attach great importance to a low surface load and a careful production. The heating elements are reliable and durable thanks to a sufficient reserve capacity in the calculation.

Careful sealing of the door

The seal between the door and the outer bricks is ensured by a flexible insulating cord. This insulating cord closes the high-quality polished sealing surfaces in the cooler area around the front row of bricks and reduces the escape of thermal energy and radiation.

Air supply slide

The fresh air supply into the firing chamber can be regulated manually with the air supply slide installed as standard on the underside of the furnace. Among other things, this removes residual moisture and combusted substances from the firing chamber or accelerates the cooling phase. In some models, the air supply slides can optionally be equipped with a servomotor and can thus be controlled automatically via the furnace control.

Exhaust air flap handle

The manual exhaust air flap handle is available for the controlled removal of gases and hot exhaust air. With the exhaust air flap handle and a generously designed exhaust air opening in the furnace ceiling, the escape of hot exhaust air can be controlled manually. Ventilation or cooling can be adapted very precisely to the required process using the slide mechanism. In some models, the exhaust air flap handles can optionally be equipped with a servomotor and can thus be controlled automatically via the furnace control.

Safety – Safety switch

The safety switch, which is installed on the door of the furnace, interrupts the circuit to the heating elements when the door is opened and thus prevents live components from being touched.

Safety - Over-temperature protection

The integrated overtemperature protection prevents damage to electrical components. The electronic over-temperature protection is a safety routine in the control system, which can avoid a malfunction of the furnace and thus prevent damage to the electrical system.

Easy-to-maintain switchgear mounted at the back of the furnace

The switchgear is mounted at the back of the furnace and can be easily maintained and accessed.

Unique system prevents particles from falling onto the products

ROHDE uses a unique concept of mortar-free lightweight firebricks combined with R-SiC ceiling supports preventing cracks and particles from falling onto the products.

Efficient 3-layer insulation structure

The clever 3-layer insulation concept means the required temperature can be achieved with low energy input. A high level of energy efficiency is achieved even in continuous use.

5-side heating allows for good heat distribution

Heating from 5 sides (side walls, back wall, door and floor) results in very good heat distribution throughout the firing chamber.

Heating elements securely recessed into bricks

Heating elements are recessed in a protected position into bricks and achieve high energy input and provide ideal protection against mechanical damage.

Precise temperature measurement with the “Type S” thermocouple

The installed PtRhPt thermocouple (type S) is protected against damage and guarantees exact temperature measurement at all times.

Heating elements can be easily accessed and serviced

An easy-to-access detachable cover for heating element connections allows the effortless replacement of heating elements.

High-quality heating elements

We only use high-quality Kanthal A1 wire for the heating elements. In addition to a solid calculation with sufficient power reserves, careful processing in the manufacture of the heating elements is crucial for long service life. This leads to reliable and highly efficient heating elements as well as low spare part costs.

Plug-in control system

All ROHDE furnaces are connected to the control system via a standardised plug connection (CPC 14 or CPC 19). This enables quick and easy installation and simplifies the replacement of the control system during servicing.

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