New kilns for the Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart

In cooperation with our local specialist Ceramica, we have installed three new ROHDE kilns in a newly designed room of the Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart. A KG 340 A gas-fired frontloader, an ELS 480 S electric frontloader with Ergo-Load-System and an ELS 1000 S with a capacity of 1000 litres, will ensure in the future that the works can be fired constantly and according to individual requirements.

Since the beginning of the planning almost three years ago, the project has become more and more tangible and, in the end, thanks to the great support of Mr Mai (Ceramica), it has been implemented to full satisfaction.

After completion of the commissioning by Mr Stoltmann nothing stands in the way of the first firings, so that the academy can finally meet the increased demands of the students. We are very happy that the academy was able to implement the project and we hope that they enjoy the results.