CZ specialist trade partners visit the ROHDE production facilities in Dyjákovice

On 8 and 9 February 2018 a seminar was held at our production facilities for our long-term Czech sales and distribution partners.

The event started on Thursday with a presentation about the history and development of ROHDE. The first questions were discussed and answered later on in a relaxed atmosphere over dinner.

On Friday we took an extensive tour through our production plant visiting all departments and stations. Our Czech partners were very interested and asked many technical questions which were answered by Benjamin Rohde and our local colleagues. The Czech language was, of course, a big advantage here.

Our visitors were very impressed by the way our ROHDE kilns and machines are manufactured. They were able to see the careful quality controls and the professional manner in which our kilns are packed for shipment. Like other sales partners who have already visited us our guests were highly impressed by the skilful manner in which our products are manufactured.

The event ended with a short presentation explaining our company philosophy.

Many thanks for the pleasant visit.