A fiery ROHDE hands-on seminar at Lehmhuus (CH)

„A fiery ROHDE hands-on seminar”: initiated by ROHDE, a 2-day firing seminar using the atmospheric gas kiln was held at LEHMHUUS AG in Basel from 14 to 15 September 2017.

Different subjects allowed the very ambitious participants to learn and apply practical control of firing processes, glazing techniques and the loading and unloading of fired ware.

Participants also gained expert knowledge of the structure and functionality of different types of burners. The kiln was fired to 1280°C using reduction firing at 900°C until the evening and after a short rapid cooling was allowed to cool down over night.

The participants brought an excellent selection of reduction glazes which they were able to glaze and fire themselves. The beautiful reduction-fired pieces were examined the next morning.

We enjoyed working with you! The LEHMHUUS team has supported and contributed to this successful exhibition - Thank you!

Jan Stoltmann and Benjamin Rohde