17th Diessen Ceramic Award

It was one of the best-kept secrets around the Ammersee: the jury met on Wednesday, but the winners of this year’s Diessen Ceramic Award were only announced on Thursday. The prize was awarded to Rachel Wood from Welbeck Notts, Great Britain, for a large container, to Emil Heger from Höhr-Grenzhausen for a set of bowls and to Kati Jünger from Laufen, for a mosaic vase.

Each of the winners will receive one third of the 3000-Euro award supported by ROHDE. “The jury discussed for a very long time since there were so many excellent entries,” says market manager Wolfgang Lösche, who participated in the committee of five ceramic experts judging the competition. All works submitted for the category “Colour sounds of ceramics” can be seen at the “Traidkasten” next to the Marienmünster Church. The 500-Euro special prize donated by Andrea Wolbring’s potter’s supplies was awarded to the “Empty Bowls” welfare project. The campaign benefitting “Promoting Africa” was a success: 700 bowls of soup were sold on the first day of the market.

Click here to read the German newspaper article in the Süddeutsche Zeitung

Photos: Anja Bach www.diessen.de